Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

Let ACID uncover the hidden risks that can harm your business and reputation

What are deep and dark web monitoring services?

Enable your team to take action before threats materialize as full-blown attacks!

Deep and dark web monitoring services search for malicious individuals and groups that perpetrate attacks in areas of the Internet which are inaccessible through standard search engines. Hostile actors operate in the deep web and dark web with the aim of breaching targeted organizations’ systems. They then steal their sensitive data, most often in order to sell it            to the highest bidder. Their intent may also be to disrupt their victims’ operation, cause financial loss and harm their reputation.

ACID’s deep web and dark web monitoring tools are designed to detect such malicious attacks aimed at stealing confidential and proprietary business data, user account access data and online banking credentials, third-party leaks, etc. ACID then alerts the targeted organizations in real time, providing all available data, to enable them to implement effective countermeasures.

How do deep and dark web monitoring services
protect your business?

Deep and dark web hackers can infect your systems by exploiting
various vulnerabilities, causing:

How does deep and dark web monitoring protect your business?

Data Breach Detection

Data Breach Detection

Leverage ACID’s AI-enabled deep web monitoring tools to detect malicious activity on dark web networks, attempting to steal your credentials and other sensitive and critical data. Our deep web monitoring tools help your business rigorously scan the dark, deep, and open web for the first signs of an impending attack, to shorten your TTM (time to mitigate) and implement effective countermeasures


Detection of Threats Targeting Assets

Cybercriminals on the deep and dark web can leverage encrypted browsers to create anonymous identities. Since their digital presence is hidden, tracking their actions with ordinary anti-theft solutions is challenging. Thanks to ACID’s deep and dark web monitoring services, your organization receives real-time alerts to criminal activities targeting your employees, assets, systems, and resources, as soon as they are detected. They thus enable you to take appropriate action to protect your organization from harm.


Anticipating Potential Attacks

Constant dark web monitoring for a business is crucial. You will only have a chance to preempt an attack or reduce its potential harm if you are aware that it is being planned, and the earlier the better. Once sensitive information becomes compromised or stolen, recovery is difficult, and the consequences may have far-reaching consequences. ACID’s solution is designed to enable tailoring its services according to the characteristics and news of each of its client organizations, to provide precise advance warning of arising risks.

Which services do we offer?

What can our trusted deep and dark web monitoring solutions do for you?


Credentials Monitoring

We offer credentials monitoring solutions that allow your organization to keep its employees’ usernames and passwords secure. If your team uses company email for personal communication, their passwords or personal details may be readily available on some servers. Cybercriminals may be using their digital credentials to manipulate sensitive data or steal valuable assets. Our patented AI-enabled technology detects compromised credentials through real-time tracking. It generates detailed alerts in real-time, often even before the data breaches or theft actually occur.


Executive/VIP Exposure

ACID conducts 24/7/365 targeted monitoring to detect attempts to access information on senior executives, the exposure of which can be disastrous to them personally, in addition to the organization’s operation. Account credentials of senior executives are particularly attractive to cyberattackers as they may allow them to obtain highly sensitive privileged information, which only the higher echelon in the organization’s hierarchy is permitted to access. ACID helps protect your business from the theft of such critical data.


IP and Brand Protection

Cyberattackers exploiting vulnerabilities in your system can steal your business’s intellectual property and also execute various attacks that would harm your brand – for example, inject malicious content, phishing, and marketplace scams. ACID’s advanced monitoring tools scan the deep web and dark web for any signs of such hostile intentions and immediately alert you to them, so that you may protect your IP, brand, profitability and reputation.


Third-Party Risk Detection

ACID is aware of the risks that can potentially arise from interconnectivity with third parties.

Many businesses outsource their services to contractors, data providers, suppliers, and vendors. This reliance on third parties potentially increases your vulnerability to attacks, as your systems are only as secure as these third-parties’ systems are – and their status in this regard is beyond your control. We monitor the deep and dark web keeping this risk in mind, and help you tailor our monitoring parameters taking these third parties into account, to provide comprehensive results and precise alerts.

Why Choose ACID for deep and dark web monitoring?

ACID’s deep and dark web monitoring solutions scan the vast range of deep and dark web sources in order to detect the first hints of any threat facing your organization. Our proprietary AI-based technology indexes millions of dark and deep web pages to deliver precise alerts. As we have been offering dark web protection services to diverse businesses for the last ten years, our clients also benefit from our historical threat intelligence archives.

ACID’s experts offer actionable information to our clients regarding any detected threat to support them in devising and implementing the most effective response. We have accumulated extensive hands-on experience in serving governmental bodies as well and have worked with some of the leading brands in the world. Threat actors can cause severe impact on a business, leading also to heavy financial and reputational loss. Are you monitoring your assets properly? To prevent harm from malicious threat actors, contact us today! Rely on professional deep web services!