ACID KYC – Know Your Customer

ACID KYC was developed to facilitate full compliance of financial organizations with the Bank of Israel’s Banking Business Directive no. 411.




Detection of suspicious signs

ACID automatically and continuously scans numerous overt databases using its proprietary state-of-the-art technological tools, and the keywords that have been found to produce the best results. Access-restricted databases may also be included, upon client request.

Individually tailored service

To optimize the scan results, ACID offers tailored 411 compliance verification through the definition and/or addition of specific keywords which best reflect the client’s business activities.


Results listed by order of severity

ACID KYC offers the option of presenting the results of its ongoing scanning activity by the order of severity of any transgressions found.


Real-time alerts

Results requiring the attention of the organization are referred to the designated point of contact for immediate handling.

Technological compatibility and security

ACID DIP is based on HTML5 CSS.
It supports Multi language (UTF-8).
Keyword can be defined as Regex.
We also offer special templates for your convenience.
Built in integration for SIEM/SOAR via RESTful API

Technological compatibility and security

ACID KYC is based on HTML5 CSS.
It supports Multi language (UTF-8).
Built in integration for other system via RESTful API.
Built in and customizable dictionary to define the searching criteria.
Dual language searching support


Service models

The two service models of ACID KYC are


Full cloud configuration. This option does not require the installation of system components at the client’s site; the scanning process takes place exclusively in the cloud.

Hybrid cloud solution

Part of the scanning process takes place in the cloud, and the rest within the organization. This requires the installation of certain system components at the client site, to support automatic interfaces to core systems.